Florida KidCare Income Eligibility Chart 2024

Florida KidCare is a state-funded health insurance program that provides affordable and comprehensive healthcare coverage to children from birth through age 18. It is designed to help families who do not qualify for Medicaid but cannot afford private health insurance for their children.

The income eligibility chart for Florida KidCare helps determine if a family is eligible for the program and at what level of coverage. The chart is updated every year, with the most recent update being for 2024.

Florida KidCare Income Eligibility Chart 2024

The income eligibility for Florida KidCare is based on the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). The 2024 chart outlines income limits as a percentage of the FPL, with different thresholds for various programs under Florida KidCare.

2024 General Annual Income Guidelines

Florida Kidcare General Annual Income Guidelines

florida kidcare Program Eligibility Overview

Key Aspects of the 2024 Eligibility Chart:

  1. Income Thresholds for Different Programs:
    • Medicaid for Children: Eligibility is up to 133% of the FPL.
    • MediKids / Florida Healthy Kids / CMS Plan:
      • No monthly premium for incomes up to 133% of the FPL.
      • $15 monthly premium for incomes between 133.01% and 158% of the FPL.
      • $20 monthly premium for incomes between 158.01% and 200% of the FPL.
      • Full pay plan for incomes over 200.01% of the FPL.
  2. Family Size Consideration:
    • The income limits vary based on family size, with specific income ranges provided for families ranging from 1 to 10 members.
  3. Age-Based Eligibility:
    • Different age groups (0 to 1, 1 through 4, and 5 through 18) have specific eligibility criteria and premium levels.

Examples of Income Limits:

  • For a family of four, the annual income limit for no monthly premium under Medicaid for Children is up to $39,900 (133% of the FPL).
  • For the same family size, the full pay plan under Florida Healthy Kids kicks in for incomes over $60,000 (200% of the FPL).

How to Use the Chart

The Florida KidCare income eligibility chart can be used as a guide to determine if your family is eligible for the program and at what level of coverage. Here are some steps to help you use the chart effectively:

  1. Determine Your Family Size: The first step is to know how many members are in your household, including children and adults.
  2. Find Your Income Range: Look at the income ranges provided in the chart for your family size and determine where your annual household income falls.
  3. Identify Eligibility and Premium Levels: Based on your family size and income range, refer to the corresponding program under Florida KidCare to see if you are eligible for coverage and if there is a monthly premium.
  4. Check Age-Based Eligibility: If you have children in different age groups, make sure to check the eligibility and premium levels for each child’s specific age group.


The Florida KidCare income eligibility chart is an essential tool for families to determine their eligibility for affordable healthcare coverage. It takes into account family size, income, and age-based criteria to provide a comprehensive overview of the program’s income thresholds.

As the chart is updated every year, it is important to refer to the most recent version for accurate information. So, families who need affordable healthcare coverage for their children can refer to this chart and apply for Florida KidCare if they meet the eligibility criteria.

In addition, families who already have coverage through Florida KidCare can also use the chart to review their eligibility status and plan accordingly.

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