Report Stolen SNAP Benefits Florida

If you’ve been a victim of stolen Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits in Florida, there are steps you can take to potentially get reimbursed.

Steps to Report and Claim Reimbursement

  1. Eligibility for Reimbursement: Only SNAP benefits stolen on or after October 1, 2022, qualify for reimbursement. If your SNAP benefits were stolen before this date, you’re not eligible for reimbursement.
  2. Filing a Claim: To initiate a claim, you can:
    • Download the claim form from the official website. Request a claim form by emailing [email protected].
    Once you’ve filled out the form, you can submit it via fax, email, or mail. Detailed instructions, including contact details, are available on the claim form itself.
  3. Claim Review: The Department will assess your claim within 10 business days. If approved, you’ll be reimbursed either the exact stolen amount or the equivalent of two months of SNAP benefits prior to the theft, whichever is lesser. The reimbursed benefits will be loaded onto your Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card the day after your claim is validated.

FAQs on Stolen SNAP Benefits in Florida

If my SNAP benefits were taken before October 1, 2022, can I get reimbursed?

Unfortunately, only SNAP benefits stolen on or after October 1, 2022, are eligible for reimbursement.

My SNAP case is no longer active. Can I still claim reimbursement if the theft happened while it was open?

Yes, if your benefits were stolen during the time your SNAP case was active, you can still qualify for reimbursement.

Is there a limit to how often I can claim reimbursement for stolen benefits?

The guidelines don’t specify a limit, but each claim will be individually assessed.

After submitting my claim form, how long will the review process take?

The Department will evaluate your claim within 10 business days.

How will I be informed about the status of my claim?

The exact notification method isn’t specified, but the Department will likely communicate the decision through official channels.

Once approved, when will the reimbursed benefits reflect on my EBT card?

The reimbursed benefits will be available on your EBT card the day after your claim is validated.

When can I expect to receive a replacement EBT card?

The provided information doesn’t specify a timeline for receiving a new EBT card.

I haven’t updated my address. Will my new EBT card be sent to the old address?

It’s crucial to ensure the Department has your current address to avoid such issues.

I think the reimbursement amount I received is incorrect. What should I do?

You should contact the Department directly to address any discrepancies in the reimbursement amount.

I believe my claim was wrongly rejected. How can I address this?

Reach out to the Department for clarification and further guidance on any denied claims.

What’s the purpose of a security code, and is it similar to a CVV on credit cards?

The provided information doesn’t detail the nature of the security code, but it might serve a similar purpose as a CVV for added security.

Can I retain the same PIN with my replacement EBT card?

The information doesn’t specify, but it’s generally advisable to update PINs for security reasons.

Who should I reach out to with queries about my stolen benefits?

You can report stolen SNAP benefits to [email protected] or use the contact details provided on the claim form.

If my P-EBT benefits were stolen, can I claim reimbursement?

No, stolen P-EBT benefits are not eligible for reimbursement.

What about stolen D-SNAP benefits?

Yes, if the theft of D-SNAP benefits occurred on or after October 1, 2022, you can submit a claim.

Can I get reimbursed for stolen TANF/Cash Assistance?

No, TANF/Cash Assistance thefts do not qualify for reimbursement.

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  1. My card was used on March 28.2004@ 1:19pn at Ace wholesale the address is 358 w 79 st Chicago IL in the amount of $294.67 I am in fort lauderdale fl I never went to Chicago nor side I say anyone could use my card


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